Have been working on storyboards for other projects. Writing ideas for other stories. Dealing with writer's block. It would seem that is a perpetual problem. Working on promoting Myth of the King, The Orchestrator, Ideal Love books.
Planning on making Tshirts and apparel of the books and artwork, old and new. Looking into the best site or sites for that now.
Dealing with life stuff. Sigh, that stuff gets in the way. And of course time. Never enough time in the day, a week.
Now working on chapters four and five of Myth of the King two. Will have to do some rewrites of four and writing the first draft of chapter five now. Plan to add new cultures, more knowledge about Manali, new characters, cityscapes, and landscapes.
Will update here when the initial shirts and apparel site or links are up. And of course when new stories are ready. Thanks for Reading and Supporting JRTstories.com

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