jrtstories changes

I'm working on a new look for the site. I'm still learning how to create a more interactive site. Not enough time in the day to write, study site stuff, and do other things but will continue. The new site will be up in a week or two, just putting up the finishing touches. So look out for the new look.
Ideal Love, Chaos Lion, and Sylon: RotE will still be up but planning on working them into short novellas. Will also be placing other short stories on the site. Look out for the changes and the additions to come.
Also toying with the idea to take my Wonder Woman and Green Lantern scripts and rewrite them as their own characters, histories, and stories. So I will have to change a great deal of the origins but my personal touches to the stories will remain.

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Myth of the King continues

Myth of the King is my first ebook. I have some ideas and outlines for Myth of the King two. It will be out soon. I plan to expand the story, adding more characters, lands and side missions. I will go more indepth with the different cultures, histories, and politics. Read part one and prepare for part two. Thanks for reading and your support.

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Myth of the King: Quest for the Kesia

Check out my self published ebook MYTH OF THE KING: Quest for the Kesia. For your Kindle or Kindle app. Myth of the king is a fantasy action adventure in an amazing new world. Thanks for Reading JRTstories.com