Small delays

Ok I've been working on some other projects that have taken me off the task of completing the list of things in my last blog entry. I've plotted some of Sylon chapter four and Ideal love chapter eight. In fact I've written a draft of Sylon chapter four, now I have to type it up.
I have some new ideas about characters and places for Sylon and will be drawing a map of Aesir and the greater world in the coming weeks. Also will sketch more characters I know some would like that.

I have some paintings and drawings I need to work on. So be patient.

I have gotten some flack for my bad editing so I will have to go through the old chapters to edit as well as do much better with future chapters.

Also I've got some flack for the drawings. The @jrtart sign is and was always meant to be temporary so I'll be taking that off as soon as I have the time.

I was under the weather (as the phrase goes for a bit) and then working on my first graphic novel (still am). That mostly took me away from this site. Also was studying Web design code. I have much more to learn before I can change the site to look the way I envision. I've also been sketching here and there and will be putting more of that work up as well. As well as I've still got my books to finish writing.

However I will focus more time to write new chapters. I know some of you have liked this time to catch up, you can't read all seven to ten pages at once because of your own busy schedules. While others of you are or have grown impatient.

To many projects so little time... Sleep is evil.

...off to do something.

Thanks for Reading JRTstories.com