Since the Green Lantern movie is being made. I figured why not place my script up to see how others think about it. I attempted to stay as close to the original origin story of the Green Lantern (well Hal Jordan) as possible.
In honesty I didn't read many Hal Jordan comics. Most of the information I know about Hal Jordan comes from him doing cameos in other comics. Most of the info I know of the Green Lantern comes from the Justice League cartoon (best superhero animation ever).
Read it. If you want to leave a comment about it, feel free to send it to me, from any of the various places on my contact section. Or leave it here on this blog. 

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Using Scribd allows for readers to go back to each chapter and continue from the 
last page they were on. You can choose what format (book, scroll, slide) you want to
read the story, zoom in or full page. 

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Finally created a logo. It's a first draft. I plan to refine it as time goes on. 
Hope everyone likes it.

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IDEAL LOVE part five - no mature version

Ideal love five doesn't have a mature version. There is only one version this time. 
As I wrote it I realized there was no need for a mature version for this chapter. It 
doesn't mean that there won't be more in the future sometimes it won't be needed for 
stories. For instance Sylon may never have a mature version except during the 
battles. However I imagine as the story progresses it will need Mature versions here 
and there.

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I've been working on the look of the site. So that is the reason there was time gaps 
between story entries. I will continue to work on adding more features like RSS and 
comments to the site. Be patient with me I'm still learning the code. And I don't 
want to put to much time to that cause then I won't have time to write the stories 
and edit them too.

I will try to keep new content on a monthly basis. If not sooner. Of course now I realize I need to learn HTML and CSS to archive this blog better so more to do more to learn lol.

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Sylon is a story I created in high school. It was mostly inspired by He-Man. I loved 
that cartoon as a kid. The second inspiration was the animated Heavy Metal story of a
young black nerd who finds a green rock. For fun it throws him into an insane world 
where it wanted him to be unhappy but instead he liked being in that place with his 
new body.

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Chaos Lion is also a recent story creation. A couple years back I started writing it 
but didn't finish. I had a basic plot outline so I know where I want to the story to 
go. The story in some ways is a retelling of my own life with much mysticism. People 
I have known have become amalgamation so the story processes where I always so it 
going. I see Cyrus as me if I had much more devotion or discipline towards martial 
arts and meditative studies.

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Ideal love is a story idea I came up with rather recently. A person I talk to on 
myspace wanted me to write her a story. A story a woman like her would like. I wasn't
sure this story was that but it did inspired the story. It was never meant to be as 
long as it is but it will most likely have only a couple more installments. I wonder 
if she is still following the story.

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FIRST POST - what this section is for

Here I will share my ideas about how I came up with my stories. What influenced them.
The ideas, images, circumstances that brought them about.

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