More content to be added soon. I've been working on the site code but will be putting up Ideal Love part 6 and Chaos Lion part 6 soon.

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Thanks for Reading JRTstories.com


JRTart will be my artwork. It will have different headers I may have worked on. It will have character designs, and concept work. It will have sketches and drawings of many ideas and thoughts I have.
I plan to place up much more of my older work on here.  I place the transparent banner on my work for now. I plan on taking those off of drawings when I get better at creating the code for these things. Some of the characters will be in the later stories I will be doing in comic form.
Lots more work to do.

I created the story of Sylon years ago. I drew and colored these pictures then. Two of those characters are in the story. The others will be coming to the story soon. I plan to do some character drawings of more of your favorite characters from Sylon.

I will be doing more paintings. And adding the finish work of girl with an earring that I did. This is my first oil painting so I intend to do more soon.

Thanks for Reading JRTstories.com