I wrote a Wonder Woman movie adaption. Like my Green Lantern script I decided to place it on my site. My only question is does anyone think they should make this into the WW live action movie?

I actually didn't know the story of Wonder Woman as well as I had thought. Like most, much of what I thought of Wonder Woman came from the TV show, and then from later animations like Justice League. I did some research online and found out that they had done a reboot of her story in the eighties. In that story she basically is a Goddess. However in the original stories she starts simply as a very powerful Amazon. There was even a time when she lost her Amazon powers and was running around in all white being a spy. I attempt to create an amalgamation of all of these stories to show the full growth of Princess Diana.

To me Wonder Woman is the best of Superman and Batman. She is a alien in our world like Superman and she is a trained Warrior like Batman. The best way I can describe how I felt when writing this script is a quote I read by Gail Simone before she took the mantle on a brief run writing WW comics.
Paraphrasing: "You call Superman when giant monster or aliens attack. You call Batman when dealing with insane criminals. But you call Wonder Woman when you need to fight an Army."
I think that sums up Diana when one writes for her. I would only include that you should also call WW when dealing with Magic or the Divine.

I don't know if my WW script will be made into a movie. I think it would be amazing to be done in a Graphic Novel. I think I would add a few more elements to the story if it was. When I wrote this story I had the idea for it to be a trilogy so there will be some instances of story that are foreshadowing for those future stories.
Even if this thing is never produce in any other media I believe I will still write those scripts. Writing WW is fascinating. I think the character has so much potential. In fact I think one of the problems for WW is that writers try to make her fit our perception of how she should behave moraly. She is an Amazon, she grew up on an island with nothing but women. She is a warrior, train to kill in battle and she has the power of Gods. This story should be epic. Yet it seems that many are afraid to let the story progress naturally based on the setup that is provided.

I plan to write other movie adaptation for any reason I see them as good practice. I was toying with the idea to write a Superman script. Perhaps with Metallio or Parasite but definitely with Darkseid as well. Of course the real bout with Darkseid would have to happen in part three.

Anyways I hope you enjoy the story. Happy to hear what elements you like and what ideas you dislike. Put them in the comment section here.

Enjoy the read, now.

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